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      The wind had been freshening since noon, and the rolling motion of the ship was not altogether agreeable to the inexperienced boys. They were about to have their first acquaintance with sea-sickness; and though they held on manfully and remained on deck through the afternoon, the ocean proved too much for them, and they had no appetite for dinner or supper. But their malady did not last long, and by the next morning they were as merry as ever, and laughed over the event. They asked the Doctor to explain the cause of their trouble, but he shook his head, and said the whole thing was a great puzzle."You are exactly right," was the reply.

      No such proposition was submitted to him.They drove on a little way in silence, for Mrs Keelings utterance got a little choked up with pride and gratification, like a congested gutter, and in all her husbands mental equipment there was nothing that could be responsive to these futilities. They evoked nothing whatever in him; he had not the soil from which they sprang, which Mrs Keeling had carted into her own psychical garden in such abundance since she had become Lady Mayoress. Besides, for the present there{250} was nothing real to him, not the lunch, not the public recognition, not the impending Club election, except that moment when he had fixed Norahs glance, drawn it to himself as on an imperishable thread across the crowded rooms, when he rose to reply. He almost wished his wife would go on talking again: her babble seemed to build a wall round him, which cutting him off by its inanity from other topics that might engage him, left him alone with Norah. Very soon his wish was fully gratified.

      He took it up.

      "Constant remembrance of home," Mrs. Bassett suggested, and Mary nodded in assent to her mother's proposition.


      "Why, everything," Frank answered; "the crow makes ye-caw-go, doesn't it?"



      "A list of the things you are going to buy," Mary remarked.